Power to the People Nov08


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Power to the People

todays story board

A short time ago @surfline approached us about participating with 10 other shapers in their Grovel Guide, with each of the different boards being ridden by a couple rippers from Surfline.

I initially intended to do our new Jetstream model with some exclusive technology we are really excited to release….(stay tuned). But, as fate had it, the timing of the exclusive & the release of the new technology didn’t jive with the logistics of the piece.

I reassessed & realized maybe this was all happening for a reason…then it hit me…

everybody’s gonna be making boards for these guys for hi-fi type surfing; the tail out, air revo’s, whipping & spinning & flying around…. & that is rad.

But for the everyday, working class surfer who can’t do that kind of surfing; well, it might get kind of repetitive & unrelateable. Like going to the olympics & watching the gymnastics events; incredibly breathtaking, but probably not the type of thing you would go home & try in the living room.

Then I remembered watching Tom Curren hop on a twin fin kneeboard fish in the early 90’s. This was back before anyone was riding fish as an actual alternative. Tommy had said, “He just wanted to feel some flow back into his surfing, take some different lines, feel the speed & railwork.” This memory motivated me to throw a bit of spice into the mix, so I grabbed my own personal twinny that I had been riding lately for quite the same reason & I thought why not give these guys something to change it up, draw out the lines, hone the technique, flow & glide it out a touch more?…something different to look at… & something for the people;

for the working class that slogs it out everyday taking care of responsibilities, working hard to provide a roof over their families’ heads & food on the table for the kids.

Who still in the back of their minds love their surf time, but don’t necessarily get the opportunity to wait for the perfect tide, swell, winds, ramps….but get to go whenever they get a chance to get that little window of opportunity for some surf time solitude.

To glide, to get speed, to feel free outdoors for a moment. This board is for all of you.


Check it out on the homepage of Surfline now

📷 @miahklein