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A Deeper Shade of Blue History of Surfing from Jack McCoy

It was such a pleasure to be working late last night, when we suddenly heard a friendly voice call out, "Hey Proctors!" and

low and behold...in walked Jack McCoy.

Felt like we'd known him our whole lives and

experienced the true Aloha vibe from a legend who is

as down to earth, genuine, and intriguing a soul as you'll ever have the pleasure to converse with.

He & Todd talked board design and he informed us that A Deeper Shade of Blue is the most important movie he's ever done.

We can't wait to see it!


From Jack McCoy

Well it's one week exactly before we have our VIP Press screening at DownTownDisney This time next week DH Terry Chung Manoa Chad and Trace Marshall and I will be on Mr Toads Wild Ride getting ready for the screening, screaming...... Today I visited the Patagonia HQ and was made to feel very welcome. What a cosmic working enviroment those people enjoy....

Went also to a surf shop in Ventura north of LA and South of Santa Barbara, where there were two of the sleekest 9'ft 6in Guns I've seen in a long time.

The owner/shaper Todd and his wife Charissa Proctor were working overtime and gave me a tour of their creative space and shaping room. Great people, felt like I'd known them for ages.

Going to wind up their fans around the country to go see the film March 28 in select theaters around the USA. All you have to do is go to adeepershadeofblue.com to follow the prompts to put in your post code and presto, up will pop your nearest cinema to you..... Down south tomozza, till then

aloha, jack

Deeper Shade Of Blue
By Jack McCoy

Jack McCoy's 25th film on surfing. Not a surf movie, a film about surfing. Hawaiian surf culture, The Evolution of the surfboard and the Spirit of Aloha.

On the same night, a pre-recorded red carpet premiere in Hawaii with world-renowned surfing legends and a musical performance by Kaukahi featuring Jack Johnson. Cast members Derek Hynd, Chad and Trace Marshall, Manoa Drollet and Tom Wegener will discuss the making of the film. To top it off a bonus video collaboration from Paul McCartney and Director Jack McCoy.

ONE NIGHT ONLY, March 28 in select theater's across the USA. Go to adeepershadeofblue.com, follow the links to "buy tickets", it will ask you for your postcode and up will pop the closest theater near you. Tickets at the door but limited, best to book online now on website

This award winning film designed to be seen on a BIG screen with 5.1 stereo sound film that will entertain all surfers AND non surfers aged from 8-80 and will come away touched moved and inspired and make you feel good. From it's five star soundtrack, the engaging story, jaw dropping action, never before seen tracking shots behind the wave with McCoy’s underwater jet ski, A Deeper Shade of Blue is not to be missed in this one night special screening in select theater's near you.

Go to adeepershadeofblue.com, follow the links to "buy tickets", it will ask you for your postcode and up will pop the closest theater near you. Watch the trailer on the same site. Aloha


A Deeper Shade Of Blue official theatrical trailer