roenn rozsa explores the factory Feb28


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roenn rozsa explores the factory

Roenn Rozsa

is a jolly little soul who loves the water like his daddy and has the makings of a world explorer....if you check out the time lapse gallery of his first jaunt through the Proctor American Surfboard Factory above, you'll see what we mean. The expressions of delight, awe, interest, curiosity, excitement, and sobriety mix and mingle with his Ugg-booted high-steppin trot to produce a renewed sense of what it means to have grom stoke.

Looking forward to making Roenn his first GROMONSTA and seeing him and Nick ripping together in the near future. The obvious connection they share runs much deeper than hereditary waterman talents,  yet we can't help but look forward to seeing this little gymnast pop his first air.

We love you Roenn!     - Charissa Proctor