mendia & the greased pig…cover of surfer mag Dec30


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mendia & the greased pig…cover of surfer mag

Peter Mendia’s Greased Pig - “the hurricane Sandy throttler”

Dimensions: 6’0” x 19” x 2 3/8” (custom dimensions available)


The skinny: This board was originally intended as a groveller or mid-range shortboard for Peter, but as fate would have it; he snapped his step-up after getting some mean hurricane shacks…and had the 6’0” as the only other board he had brought to the beach that day. The heavy concaves for grip coupled with the self-adjusting rocker of the carbon footprint technology allowed the board to form fit to the barrel and hang on and handle in the midst of a superstorm…a testament to the versatility of this shape. Stay tuned for more Mendia shredding also in “normal waves” …coming soon from this same little piggy.


Tel: (805) 658-7659


Who is Peter Mendia?

Neil Young is the music world’s version of Pete Mendia. Magestic riffs that echo the unique raw melodies that make you grit your teeth and say yeahnow…..tracks that no-one else can claim or copy. The “madman” buries the rail like no other, always pulls in deep, and devours oncoming lips like he’s out for blood. This right coast Florida resident simply LOVES surfing and when he’s called on, he’s ready to get on the plane to anywhere on the planet and attack bone-breaking pits in strange uncharted waters. Poppa Pete’s got a rad wife and two boys that are pistols; he’s one of the few professionals in our sport that I know of who balances both career and family with success in both. He’s kind of a giant in stature and can pummel you if he wanted to, but he doesn’t need to cause he always seems to just be cruising….enjoying the show.

This cover is well earned & well deserved. A testament to the timeless power surfing of a modern legend, Pete Yeti Mendia. Way to go Pete!!! 

more about the board on the cover

watch the cover wave


Florida's Peter Mendia bags mammoth double-barrel in his backyard during Hurricane Sandy


Peter Mendia // Miami Beach // Hurricane Sandy
6'0" x 19" x 2 3/8" Carbon Footprint Greased Pig